Porcelain painting possibilities are wide

We have broadened our range with a new and exciting possibility. We use porcelain painting techniques with beautiful and unique motifs on ceramic tiles. This provides a great opportunity for home renovators, interior designers, designers and builders to come up with interesting solutions.

After some testing and the first test work, we discovered that, in addition to tableware, ceramic tiles can also be successfully decorated. After painting, the decorated tiles are heated at 820 degrees and allowed to cool for about 48 hours. The latter is necessary in order to avoid damaging the material from overly rapid temperature fluctuations. Tiles may curl or crumble if the temperature fluctuations are too fast. Moreover, the paint may come loose. Decorations can be painted on the tiles just as the customer wants it and are well suited to rooms where high wear or humidity is a factor. We can paint ceramic tiles to a maximum size of 300 x 300 mm.

You can see an example in the picture below. This is a painting of a corporate logo made according to specific logo requirements on tiles measuring 200 x 200 mm and is designed for a catering company.

We wish you happy brainstorming in decorating your home or office!

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